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Contract Manufacturing
Contract manufacturing
Since the establishment of the company in 1996, the product range has been broadened from the single fish oil softgel to over 2,000 formulas and the dosage forms include soft capsule, hard capsule, tablet, powder, pill, granule, etc. and cosmetics, essence and paintball.

Cooperation in a variety of ways to meet the different needs of customers, mainly in the following three ways
1, The customer provides the specification sheet or product formula, the company purchases the raw materials according to the specification sheer for production, the semi-finished products or finished products will be sent to the customer.

2, The customer chooses the products from the company’s product list, then the Company will provide the specification sheets of the products to the customer. After confirmation, the company shall manufacture the products according to the specification sheets.

3, The customer put forward the request on the products, the company develops the new product formula and select the suitable dosage form with customer together. Then, the company will make the sample first. After the sample is confirmed by the customer, the company will arrange the batch production and dispatch the product   to the customer.

Capacity of Production
With the development of the company, the production scale is constantly expanding, successively introduced a large number of production equipment and packaging equipment from home and abroad and constantly enhance the automation level of the equipment so as to meet the customer's requirements on the products.
1, Softgel
17 softgel encapsulation production lines
Annual capacity of softgels and paintballs: 6 billion pieces
2, Hard capsule
Fully automatic capsule filling machines: 3 sets
Annual capacity: 1 billion pieces
3, Tablet
Tablet machines: 5 sets
Annual capacity: 1.2 billion pieces
4, DHA micro capsule
Spray drying machine imported from Denmark: 1 set
Annual capacity: 200 metric tons
5, Cosmetics
Large emulsifying machines and packaging equipment: over 10 sets
Annual capacity: 400 metric tons
The company has set up a large packing plant, which can provide various types of finished product packaging.
1, Bulk Packaging: the company can provide standard export carton, paper barrel and plastic bag, aluminum foil bag, pallet.
2, Bottling: PE, PET, HDPE bottles etc. In various sizes are available according to the customer’s requirement.
3, granules packaging, 1g/bag, 2g/bag, 3g/bag, 5g/bag
4, Blistering, 10 pcs per blister, 12 pcs per blister, 15 pcs per blister, 20 pcs per blister
5, Aluminum foil bag packaging, according to the customer’s requirement.
6, Special packaging of cosmetics
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